The Dont’s

When Arrested:

DON’T offer any information to the police, regardless of what they say.

DON’T assume that the police have a search warrant.  Ask them to show you the actual warrant.

DON’T argue with the police.

DON’T initiate any physical contact with the police.

DON’T place your hands where they cannot be seen by the police.

DON’T run away from the officer.  This gives them reason to be even more suspicious of you.

DON’T resist arrest.  Even if you are innocent, resisting arrest could bring new charges.

DON’T allow the police to listen in on any phone call that you make to your attorney once you have been arrested.  Contact with your attorney is protected by attorney-client privilege.

DON’T speak to the police before your attorney arrives.

DON’T provide the police with any information other than your name and address after you are arrested unless your attorney is present and gives you the okay.

DON’T sign anything without your attorney present.

DON’T say anything if your attorney instructs you to remain silent.  The attorney is there to do the speaking for you.

DON’T agree to participate in a line-up without the attorney being present.

DON’T lie to your attorney or to the police if you do choose to speak to them.