The Do’s

When Arrested:

DO ask for the police officer’s name and badge number.  Try to get a good look at the officer’s face so that you can identify him or her later by that method if necessary.

DO if you are taken into custody, demand the right to have an attorney present before speaking to the police.

DO ask if you are under arrest and if so ask why, you have the right to know.

DO let the officer know that you will not speak with them until you have an attorney present.

DO, write down everything that happened throughout the arrest process.  This allows you to refresh your memory as time passes.

DO, if you are injured by the police during any course of the arrest, seek medical attention and let your medical providers know the cause of the injuries sustained.  Take photographs as well.

DO know that you do not have to answer any questions that are asked of you by the police.  Remember that although a question may seem harmless at the time, it can come back to hurt you.